The Developments Prospects in LCD Monitor Technology

As we think, there are 5 points are the LCD Monitor technology developments prospects as follows: Mini LED backlight technology: Mini LED technology is a technique that distributes hundreds of tiny LED lights on a backlight panel to provide better local dimming control and deeper black levels, which means better contrast and higher HDR performance. It has been applied to some high-end LCD monitors, such as Apple’s iPad Pro. Quantum Dot technology: Quantum dot technology is a technique that uses nanoscale [...]

Commercial Advertising LED Display Screen Wifi 4G for Shop Bar

Many of our clients ask for easy control system like plug and play. Our company apply Novastar TB3 control system for advertising led sign, the advantage of this control system below is better satisfying users’ requirements: 1. support dual wifi mode and 4G mode, avoid wiring trouble and save your labor cost and time. 2. Support phone, PC, LAN to control screen and edit programs. What’s more, remote centralized publishing and monitoring is available, much more convenient and easier than conventional [...]

How to Buy the Best LED Display

Usually, to buy a satisfying LED display means a lot for a customer, the effectiveness, lifespan and protection level are all important. There are many factors which should take into consideration. 1.The viewing distance, which is decided by the pixel pitch and the screen size. So it’s important to confirm the screen size according to your project at first. 2.The installation position of the LED display. Make sure where do you want to place your display. For example, indoor or outdoor, [...]

What is LED Display

LED display is a video screen which using light-emitting diodes(leds). LEDs are small electronic devices which produce a very efficient light source. Nowadays they are more and more popular, widely used in commercial advertising, stage background, lighting projects etc. One led display is made up of many led cabinets, One led cabinet is made up of many led modules, One led module is made up of many led pixel dots, One pixel dots is usually made up of 1R1G1B or [...]

How To Calculate the Screen Size

1: Calculate the real screen size. If the led display you required: Width X meters*Height Y meters; The Cabinet size: Width M meters*Height N meters. M=integer*the width of module; N= integer* the height of module 1.1The quantity of cabinet  for 1pcs led display: Width quantity= X/M(round-off number) Height quantity=Y/N(round-off number) The total quantity of cabinet= the width quantity*height quantity 1.2The real screen size: m1=x1*y1 Width of screen(x1)=M*width quantity Height of screen(y1)=N*height quantity. Calculate the price A: the cost of led display=m1*unit price/sq.m B:the cost of control system=1pcs sending card cost+receiving cost(the [...]

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