How To Calculate the Screen Size

1: Calculate the real screen size.

If the led display you required: Width X meters*Height Y meters;

The Cabinet size: Width M meters*Height N meters. M=integer*the width of module; N= integer* the height of module

1.1The quantity of cabinet  for 1pcs led display:

  • Width quantity= X/M(round-off number)
  • Height quantity=Y/N(round-off number)

The total quantity of cabinet= the width quantity*height quantity

1.2The real screen size: m1=x1*y1

Width of screen(x1)=M*width quantity

Height of screen(y1)=N*height quantity.

  1. Calculate the price

A: the cost of led display=m1*unit price/sq.m

B:the cost of control system=1pcs sending card cost+receiving cost(the total quantity of cabinet*the unit price of receiving card)

The total price of led display=A+B

If the sign is 10’*3’=3.048m*0.9144m

  1. Calculate the real screen size
    • 1 the total quantity of cabinet

Regarding your screen size, we use the cabinet size 1000*1000mm

The width quantity of cabinet=3.048m/1m=3pcs

The height quantity of cabinet=0.9144/1=1pcs

The total quantity=3pcs*1pcs=3pcs

  • 2 The real screen size

The width size of screen=3pcs*1m=3m

The height size of screen=1pcs*1m=1m

The total screen size=3m*1m=3sq.m

  1. Calculate the total price: p12.5 led display(US$1180/SQ.M); sending card:US$280/pcs; Receiving card: US$70/pcs(each led display have 1pcs sending card, each cabinet have 1pcs receiving card, each led display have many cabinets).

A: The led display cost=3sq.m*US$1180=3540

B: The control system cost=US$280+US$70*3pcs=US$490

The total price=A+B=US$3540+US$490=US$4030


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