Stadium LED Screen

Stadium LED Screen

stadium led screen is also called stadium led display, designed with unique structure and being widely used as football LED screen, basketball sports LED display, led stadium advertising boards and multi-function sporting LED screen etc.

Main advantage is below:
1. Super high refresh rate is needed. During a sports match, television camera and live broadcasting is widely applied. Frequency up to 9600 HZ guarantee all these activities are flickering free. So audience who wasn’t on-site can also enjoy a fantastic football match experience.
2. Dual computer control system. For sporting LED screen project, two computers are connected to ensure interruption-free of the LED display advertising image and videos. If one computer turn off due to technical issues during the sports match, the other one will automatically act as a backup computer to insure stadium LED display working well.

Soft LED Module Mask

1. Soft module mask on our products protect players from injury and offers protection to the unit itself.
2. Convenient to install and disassemble, Our cabinets feature simple designs, making them easy-to-install and disassemble. The cabinets include inter-locks, as well as external signal and power sockets.
3. Adjustable inclination angle, Generally, the LED perimeter banner display is placed vertically and the inclination angle is adjustable for the best possible viewing and camera shooting angles.

Soft beam on top of each cabinet

Stadium LED Screen’s Connection Diagram

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