How to Buy the Best LED Display

Usually, to buy a satisfying LED display means a lot for a customer, the effectiveness, lifespan and protection level are all important. There are many factors which should take into consideration.

1.The viewing distance, which is decided by the pixel pitch and the screen size. So it’s important to confirm the screen size according to your project at first.

2.The installation position of the LED display. Make sure where do you want to place your display. For example, indoor or outdoor, it’s crucial because it decides the brightness and protection level of the display needed. Usually, the protection level should reach IP65 for outdoor ones, and as to the indoor display, IP20 is enough.

3.The chip applied in the LED display. The national LED displays usually use Taiwan Opto/Epistar and Silan chip. It has a high brightness and decays slowly. If you want a better one, you can choose Cree or Nichia chip, and the cost also is higher.

4.The brightness. It demands different brightness for indoor and outdoor display. At present, the brightness of outdoor LED display can reach 7000-8000cd. while in practice, 5000cd is enough for a ourfoor display working well even in the daytime. The brightness for indoor LED display is lower, 1500cd is enough. When you need a display with the intention to place it both indoor and outdoor, advice is that an outdoor display will do better.

5. The screen resolutions, which is decided by the pixel pitch and the screen size. Smaller pixel pitch,  higher resolutions, more clear the led display. For indoor use,  there are P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P10; For outdoor use, there are P10, P12, P12.5, P16, P20, P25, P31.25.

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